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The cost of your lenses will vary depending on the lenses you need but the prices on this page will give you some idea what you can expect to pay.  The prices on this page are for private patients.  If you are a NHS patient who receives help with the cost of your glasses the costs will be considerably less and sometimes free (including some frames).



The lenses we work with are also the highest quality available so that our patients benefit from the best possible vision. Our lens manufacturer of choice is Zeiss, famous for being the lenses used on NASA space missions. However, our dispensing opticians will consult with you and find out exactly what you need in terms of your visual requirements, what you use your eyes for every day, and they’ll be able to make recommendations and give you several options based on your preferences and your prescription.

If you wear distance vision or near vision glasses our premium Zeiss lenses start at £140 and go up to £350. These are thinner than standard lenses and provide superior clarity. There are basic single vision lenses available from £55.

If you wear varifocals you can expect to spend £230 to to £465 for our premium Zeiss lenses depending on your prescription requirements. We use, as standard, the best Zeiss lens coating on the market giving superior resistance to scratches and smears. Our basic varifocals start from £150 including lens coatings.