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If you need to order your contact lenses off us during the Covid-19 crisis you can order them through a temporary online shop we have set up through one of our sister practices (Geoff Steven and Sons) with the following link:

Order Contact Lenses

You can pay for the lenses through that website and we will post them to your house. If you are one of our existing patients you will not need to enter your prescription as we will have it on file in the practice.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 situation, advice from the Government and our governing bodies confirms we are a key service but are now only able to offer emergency consultations. ie. A sudden drop in vision, broken spectacles etc.  Rest assured we will still be taking care of you during this difficult time.

We are able to offer telephone consultations with our Optometrists, who are also fully qualified Independent Prescribers, an additional qualification which enables them to prescribe medication as necessary for acute optical conditions. These appointments can be arranged Monday to Saturday by contacting us on  0191 353 819 (it will redirect to our sister practice in Hexham where the phone lines are being manned during this crisis) or emailing  (Our sister practice).  If our optometrist believes it is necessary for you to visit the practice, they will arrange this for you and advise the protocol around that. 

If you need further supplies of contact lenses or solutions, please request these on 01670 353 819 or or, alternatively, we have set up a temporary website on so you can buy them online through us and we will post them to you (again this website is for our sister practice in Hexham but can also be used by DJ Preston patients).

During this time, our phone lines will be staffed and we have an answerphone service, however, with far fewer staff due to social distancing, we may not be able to deal with your calls and emails as quickly as you'd normally expect. 

For everyone's protection, please do not come to the practice without a pre-arranged appointment as our staff will not be able to assist you. We sincerely hope you and your family are safe and well and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Beautiful Niche Eyewear from a Professional Opticians in the Heart of Blyth

Are We The Right Opticians For You?

Have you struggled to find glasses that fit or styles that you love?

We regularly travel to trade fairs in the UK and Europe to try to source Europe’s niche eyewear, that you will not find elsewhere, from brands you may not have heard of but have one thing in common. High quality workmanship with amazing styles. If you want Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Hugo Boss or any other common brand we are probably not for you. If you want niche, high quality eyewear in a range of styles fitted by Optical professionals look no further. We are so sure you will love your glasses that we offer a 60 day love your glasses guarantee. If you find your frame uncomfortable, lenses unsatisfactory or just change your mind we will happily swap them for a different frame/lenses at no charge.

Have you wanted to try varifocals but feared it might be an expensive mistake?

We are often surprised to hear from our patients that they tried varifocals elsewhere and were disapoointed with the resulting vision or their friend/sibling tried them and never got on with them so would never try them themselves. The quality of a varifocal varies (excuse the pun) massively. At DJ Preston Opticians we find poor quality varifocals give varifocals a bad name. We use the best varifocals available, manufactured by Zeiss. As we use the best we have very few non-tolerance issues. As a result we feel confident in offering a FREE VARIFOCAL TRIAL. This means you can pick up your new varifocals and pay nothing and we will book you in to see us again in one week where you can hand them back or pay for them.

Have you found your glasses do not quite give you the vision you want?

Nowadays there is a solution for almost every visual need imaginable the range and types of lenses available are almost unending but many Opticians are limited to what their company offers or, simply, what lenses they are aware of. We have unparalleled lens knowledge and are confident we can find the lens that works for you no matter what.




Who We Are

We are a small family owned independent opticians based in the centre of Blyth.  We were founded in 1946 so we hope and believe we are doing something right.  As Mr Preston recently retired we are currently run by the Steven brothers, Mark and Christopher, who come from a long line of Optometrists stretching back to their Great-Grandfather who owned an Opticians in North Shields.  They look forward to testing your eyes.